Buddy System (Peer Support)

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a distressing time, not only for patients but for their family members.

If you have been diagnosed recently and want to talk to someone then contact us here. We will put you touch with one of our members who has been through this themselves, and be happy to meet up for a coffee, (or a pint!), or have a chat over the phone to talk about their experience and what they did to cope through the process. We also offer to support family members who may be concerned.

Support Packs

These are given to all testicular cancer patients when they start treatment in participating hospitals. They include items such as magazines, hospital phone card, DVD’s, etc. to help to make their stay in hospital a little more comfortable. We also include items to combat the effects of chemotherapy such as strong mints, ginger biscuits, and squash.

Practical Support

We have been able to help patients with travel expenses, childcare costs and other requests.

We know that some men find it hard to cope with being diagnosed with cancer and we will fund individual counselling sessions for patients when needed.

All the above support requests are referrals to us from Oncology staff and are considered on a case by case basis.

Support Events

Our support events give men and their families the opportunity to meet others who have been through testicular cancer too.

All of our events are informal, you don’t have to talk about testicular cancer or your experiences, it just gives individuals and families a chance to meet and socialise with others who have been or are going through similar times.

Visit our Events Page here for details of forthcoming events.