Testicular Cancer information

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 15 to 35. Yet, many young and middle-aged men are unaware of how to check themselves for the signs and symptoms. Every year in the UK over 2,500 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer, but it is over 98% curable and, when detected early, requires less treatment.

We would like to encourage men to check themselves regularly and feel confident to see a GP if they have any concerns. You can help us.

Testicular cancers are also called germ cell tumours. Germ cells in men produce sperm, which is why you get the tumours in the testicles. There are many different types of testicular cancers from Seminomas, Non-seminomatous germ cell tumours to rarer types such as non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

If you are diagnosed as having one of these then try not to worry. Testicular cancers are among the most treatable forms of cancer and have very high survival rates. However, this is a lot easier said than done.

If you have been diagnosed recently and want to talk to someone then contact us [here]. We will put you touch with one of our members who has been through this themselves, and be happy to meet up for a coffee, (or a pint!), or have a chat over the phone to talk about their experience and what they did to cope through the process. We also offer to support family members who may be concerned.

You are not alone and there are plenty of people you can talk to.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed – Be proud of who you are and fight back! See our video of what a group of firemen know about testicular cancer, and how to check for the signs and symptoms [Link to fireman’s video].