Film Award Finalists!

One of our short awareness video’s has reached the final stages in this years National Charity Film Awards.

‘Chris T’s Story’ aims to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer, and features Chris one of our trustees, and his wife Lauren. It explains how they discovered that Chris was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer and the effect it has had on their lives.

The Film was written and produced by three female City Collage Norwich students as part of their media studies course work, mentored by Norwich based video production company Eye Film and Television.

The film is regularly used by the charity when giving talks in schools and collages about how to detect the signs and symptoms of Testicular Cancer.

The positive end to the story really has an affect on the people who see it, and we hope the film will encourage all men to check themselves for the signs and symptoms of Testicular Cancer. We are also delighted the film has got so far in the competition, which featured some strong opposition form a lot of other charities across the country.

You can view the film here, and add your vote (as well as donate to the charity if you wish):

Chris T’s Story

The winners will be announced on 11 May 2018 at a red carpet award ceremony in London.

The Charity Film Awards

The Charity Film Awards were created to demonstrate that in a modern world film-making is the most powerful piece of equipment in the charity communication tool box, to show that the common perception of charities’ video content is incorrect and to praise charitable video that can inspire, incite to action, excite and change behavior.

The inaugural Charity Film Awards saw thousands of donations being made to charities that entered, over 65,000 members of public viewing and voting for their favourite films, over 150 pieces of PR coverage internationally and over 9 million reactions through social media.

By creating categories based on charity turnover, we were able to judge those with similar budgets on a level playing field. Over 350 charities entered in 2017

The categories for entering are based on the charity’s turnover for the latest financial year, so everyone has a chance to win an award regardless of the size of the organisation and the budgets available.