Gareth’s Story

Gareth (Trustee)

Three years ago, the night before my 31st birthday,  I found a lump on one of my testicles and after discussing it with my wife Nicky I booked to see my GP the next morning.  I was referred to the NNUH just 2 days later, where, after a 30 second examination, it was confirmed I had Testicular Cancer.  This came as a shock, as I thought I was going simply to rule out anything nasty and did not believe I would have Cancer.  After scans and tests it was confirmed as Stage 1S Cancer which had spread into my lymph nodes, so as well as surgery I would need to have 9 weeks of BEP Chemotherapy.  Now, there is a miracle to my story as we were busy trying for children when I found the lump.  We were exceptionally lucky that my wife fell pregnant in the month between my Orchidectomy and the start of my chemo.  Without this good fortune we would have had to wait 6-12 months post Chemo before trying again.  Our gorgeous daughter Annabelle is now 3 years old.   Annabelle was our little ray of sunshine at the end of my recovery and gave us hope and strength along the way, so too did our families.  My treatment and recovery had ups and downs but I am now fit and well.  I have had my 3.5 year all clear with check-ups now every 6 months.  A big thanks to my Dr, Dr Kapur – I owe you a beer tonight!
Guys, please take time out to check yourself as often as you can.  Remember most lumps are harmless, but do not leave it to chance.

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