Chris T’s Story

Chris T (Trustee)

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer (seminoma) in October 2012.  After randomly checking myself a month before I found a small lump which raised alarm bells. I immediately got an appointment with my GP and was advised that it was probably a harmless epididymal cyst but was offered the option of an ultrasound scan to be sure, fortunately I took up this offer and it was later confirmed to be cancerous.
Four days after the scan I was in the NNUH to have the offending testicle removed.  A few weeks after this procedure I was offered the option of single dose chemotherapy or surveillance. I opted for the option of chemo due to there being less chance of a reoccurrence.
Shortly after the chemo was complete I received the good news that the cancer was no longer present. I now have to attend the NNUH for three monthly check ups which so far have been all clear.
I wanted to get involved with It’s On The Ball mainly because I want to raise awareness of testicular cancer and to try and teach people the importance of self examination. I personally had never checked myself regularly so was very fortunate to discover it when I did, if I hadn’t checked or sought help from my GP then my story could have been so very different.

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